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Your story: through pictures

There are many reasons to choose to hire a Professional Photographer: I specialize in a few categories.

Sidekicks & Superheroes

Have you ever looked at your dog, your horse or your cat, and thought, “do you have a secret hidden power, and with it, can we save the world, together?” If that does NOT seem crazy to you, then let’s make it happen!

I love animals, and I spend a great deal of my time learning to understand them. With your help, and zealous explanations of his/her “superpowers,” we can tell an amazing story about you and your relationship with your best friend. Whether it be an outdoor shoot in an open field, or a quiet morning in your living room, we can capture that favorite look, silly pose, or act of will that you never want to forget.

Want something a little more stately and conceptual? Come to my studio and LET’S TALK!


The Modern Family and The Modern Event

What constitutes “family” and “event” is always up for interpretation. You might want to pose with your hamster, or your brothers and sisters, or the dudes on your golf team. Whatever works for YOU. 

Who is important in your life, how do you want to capture or remember them? What do you want to feel when you look at those pictures?  Did your tennis team make it to state finals? Let’s shoot! Did you host a single ladies party on Valentines Day? Let’s get some pictures of that! Did your twins lose their first tooth? I have special tooth fairy capturing film. I swear.

Endeavor Inaugural Horse Show


The “Anti-Selfie” Selfie

Have you ever considered purchasing portrait of yourself just because you CAN? Portraits are not JUST for High School Seniors (although I love to shoot those too!). We are all visual creatures whom are trying to make a good impression…why not capture a moment NOW? Don’t get me wrong, I have “selfied” just like everybody else, and I am sure that I will do it again. But, I want more for myself when it comes to portraying my image as a professional, documenting significant moments in my life, or just trying to feel special.

Pictures are a wonderful way to capture the moment, benchmark success, turn a page…. Did you just complete a fitness challenge, and now you feel like showing off those results? Did you just start a new job and feel like you’re on top of the world? Are you a recent graduate, heading out into the great unknown?  Or, are you simply celebrating yourself and your accomplishments because it just feels good? Let me tell your story.

Give yourself the gift of remembrance, and celebrate and embrace your own personal experience.

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