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“You’re only as good as your last haircut.” ― Fran Lebowitz

As a dog lover, for me, love is TRULY blind. When I look at dogs, I see first and foremost the unconditional love that they have to offer. I dismiss the bad breath, the dirty paws, the overgrown mops and the nails that could probably use a trim. I hug them when they are stinky, pet them when they are wet and soggy, and let them rub their heads against my new white jeans. It’s just SO easy to see past all that is tangible.

Then, I get behind my lens. A whole new worlds opens up.

I set out to find a few willing participants to perform a little experiment. I did a quick shoot with each dog, one before grooming, and one after. All of these dogs are adorable and loving and worthy of affection no matter what state they are in. Dogs aren’t picky about their appearance, but I did find a noticeable change in their demeanor once they were spiffed up. They got a little sassier, a little more daring, a little more…entertaining.

I know how great I feel after a shower or a salon treatment: absolutely transformed. I can only imagine that these little buggers feel the same way!

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