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My body’s too Bodeeelicious for you babe…

🎶”I don’t think you’re ready for his jelly, I don’t think you’re ready.”🎶

Oh my do I love this little beast! Meet Bode! As in, Bode Miller (skier extraordinaire, name pronounced BOH-DEE). Bode made his namesake proud today by taking on the “slalom course” with dexterity, agility, and gusto!

I love a good snow day, and Bode and I made the most of Winter Storm Helena. He took advantage of one of my “After-Storm Sessions.” New York didn’t feel much of the storm’s impact: just enough to make things a little messy and a little fun.

Would you like to book a snow session with your family? Contact me for information about getting on my wait list. Together, we’ll take advantage of fresh tracks and bright crisp mornings after a snowfall. There’s nothing like capturing the joy of a rigorous romp in the snow.

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