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Farewell Summer

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It’s always hard to say goodbye…especially to summer. Lou Lou was shocked to hear that this is the last weekend of the season, and needless to say she is not happy. But all is not lost, as New York is magical this time of year. The warm temperatures linger for months, the leaves will be turning their brilliant autumn hues, and the city becomes a hotbed of activity as it gets ready for the big Holidays. Right now we’re hosting the US Open, followed by NYC Fashion Week, the New York Film Festival and something that I just heard about: Cider Week. That is going on my calendar. There is Comic Con in October, the Wine and Food Festival, and all of my favorite Halloween-related events (which I will save for a separate post).

So even though we’re losing our long days and green trees, we are gaining the scents and smells and tastes of autumn. Make the most of New York and try out something new! There is plenty to choose from.

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