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I’m originally from the Cleveland area, and as sports fans across the country know: Ohio sports fans SUFFER. If there is another place in America where people so vehemently follow teams that repeatedly disappoint them, I’ve yet to find it. Cleveland Cavaliers fans are holding on to a big dream, and the Golden State Warriors are doing a stellar job keeping it at Bay (pun intended).

As a person who participates in sports, and who knows the kind of work that goes into building oneself into a top notch competitor, its actually difficult for me to genuinely take sides.
I am rooting for my hometown team (of course), and on behalf of Cleveland I would be so proud for a win, but one can not deny that talent that is displayed from both sides of the court. I give credit where credit is due, and both teams have left me rapt with interest in the NBA Finals.

In honor of the players, and the passion displayed by fans, I asked my dogs and their friends to help me out through this nerve-wracking and exciting series.

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