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Beating the Odds

This guy is AWESOME. Rocky is intelligent, loving, and great with children. He is a lively and loyal companion, and gives with all of his heart. He just finished up his last round of Chemotherapy, and he is thriving.

I would never have known these things about him had someone not seen past a first glance into his kennel. Rocky is beating A LOT of odds.

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Right of the bat: Rocky is black, which automatically puts him at a disadvantage because of a shelter issue known as Black Dog Syndrome. In shelters, black animals have a much longer wait to find their adoptive homes than animals of other colors, due to a myriad of psychological phenomena associated with the color.

Secondly, Rocky was a resident of the Miami/Dade shelter which is exceptionally burdened with the task of re-homing a myriad of animals found on the streets or surrendered to it’s care. It is often filled to the gills with critters who need exceptional care and attention. Rocky was one of those guys who was in extreme need…

When Rocky was picked up and taken to the shelter, he was riddled with ruptured and cancerous tumors. Such a condition is not exactly a selling point to potential adopters, but Rocky was lucky, and a compassionate woman saw past his issues and felt compelled to take him. His adopter thought the least she could do was to offer him hospice care, and a loving home to live out the rest of what was originally thought to be a short time.

We never know when we’ll be called into action. When another being may need our help, our care, and our generosity. When we can make a difference. We must keep our eyes and hearts open, and believe that what might look like a messy endeavor, may turn out to be on the the most rewarding things we’ve ever done. Rocky’s person took on the challenge, and it has paid dividends for both of them. She is just as courageous and as strong as he is. She accepted the responsibility of caring for and rehabilitating a challenging case, without hesitation.

Rocky now lives on a beautiful country property, he has many dog brothers and sisters to play with, and he divides his time between  horse-county in New York and Florida. He eats top notch food, runs with his pack throughout beautiful rolling hills, and he is loved and cherished every day. Rocky is the recipient of dedicated medical care, and he has surpassed all of his rescuer’s expectations.


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