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About the Photographer…

It has been decreed that people resemble their pets, and vice versa. Not only does this hold true in physicality, but in spirt as well. To know me, one need only look to the company that I keep: bully breeds. I love them, I attract them…I GET THEM. My dogs are sturdy, solid, stable, lively, tenacious, determined, intensely loyal and confident.  The same can be said about me, and those traits come in handy as a photographer, especially when one is based in New York City. I am a New York City, Westchester County, and Southern Connecticut-based photographer, specializing in (but not limited to) dogs and their families.

And, I am also other things….

  • From Manhattan to Maine: I want to see it all through my lens.
  • I love the smells of impending rain, ground coffee, newly cut grass, squeezed lemons, and burning wood.
  • “Based on my wardrobe, my favorite color is dog hair.” –Anne Taintor
  • In my world, there is no such thing as too much CHEESE.
  • I’ve worked in a dog collar factory, as a makeup artist, as a mountain tour guide, and as a manager in the New York City banking industry.
  • I watch television without apology… Comedies? YES PLEASE!
  • How do I unwind? Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, and Audio Books.





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